Fall is the perfect time for your next important meeting!

Summer has come to an end, Fall is here and The Rostie Group is looking forward to providing you with all your office meeting needs.

It’s time to switch from shorts to sweaters, from mojitos to hot cocoa. It’s also time to capitalize on Toronto’s number one destination for premium meeting space.

Looking to book a board meeting? Hosting a conference for a large group? Teach or attend an out of town class from the comfort of your own city? Perhaps you’re looking to find the right candidate by holding interviews?

Whether you’re one person or a group of one hundred, The Rostie Group will ensure that your event goes flawlessly. From home business to big business and everything in between, we provide the perfect venue and leading staff accommodations to fulfill your needs.

Our team members are professionals— hosting meetings is what we do, and we do it well. No matter what type of event you have planned, chances are we’ve done it before and done it successfully.

The Rostie Group provides a wide range of flexible meeting room spaces that cater to any size of function. With 26 years of hosting meetings under our belt, we know what our clients need to have a successful meeting and we’ve seen enough down the line to be sure that we’re able to handle any and all requests.

All the meetings we host are infinitely customizable— we have rooms available 24/7, an easy-to-use online booking system and we accommodate any and all room configurations. Also offered are state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions and extensive catering options.

Located at 20 Bay Street, Waterpark Place, Toronto on the 11th Floor we have direct access to the PATH, Union Station and are in the heart of Toronto’s booming South Core; right on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Whether it’s a last minute engagement or a booking well in advance, meetings can be planned accordingly as we offer hourly, daily and weekly requests.

To book your next meeting please visit www.torontomeetings.com or contact meetings@rostiegroup.com or 416-214-1840.

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