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Video is the new Audio

Toronto Meetings has prided itself on being at the front lines of cutting edge technology. In large parts this is due to our ambition of being the preferred destination for tech-savvy entrepreneurs across the world. We’re constantly striving to provide the newest high-end technology to our clients.

Having video only available in our largest meeting rooms was simply not acceptable. We surveyed the landscape and after intensive research we put a heavy emphasis on broadening this digital communication to all of our meeting rooms, bringing the high quality visual and audio fidelity of a large room system, to our medium and small sized spaces.

But why would we invest so heavily in outfitting our smaller meeting rooms with video?

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Video communications have evolved so much in the last few years. It’s not longer a shaking, lagging affair filled with hard-to-hear audio and pixeled images. Today’s video is crisp, smooth, and is accompanied with crystal clear sound.

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When your conversation is audio only, you’re losing the big picture.

So much information is conveyed via body language, and facial expressions, that not having it available is like losing one of your senses. When negotiating a deal of any kind, you need to have the most information you can possibly get.

However, we took it one step further: We have outfitted our team rooms with full video capabilities, as well as large 4K enabled TVs, so you can literally get the big picture.

In today’s fast-paced and highly connected business world time is money. This is why we are always trying to ensure that our clients are able to make the best use of the time they have. Video, not only cuts costs as well as improves business efficiency. Booking time to bring your whole team out to a separate location, running around with equipment, and taking breaks can be a constant distraction and ultimately a waste of valuable time.

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From wide room shots where everyone is included in a large boardroom style table, to intimate video huddle rooms, there is a solution for everyone.

When you become a tenant with Toronto Meetings, you’ll have the option to complete your space with full video, and large 4K TVs, to ensure that none of the details slip by you when you’re trying to get the big picture.

Do you use GoToMeeting, Skype, Webex or Zoom? Not to worry, our new Polycom Studio Video Bars support all major platforms.

This is just another way that Toronto Meetings continues working hard to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience in our rooms.

Rostie Group Team Room 700

Let us take you through a quick demo of the features you can expect from our Video Rooms:

The microphones in our cameras automatically zoom in on the current speaker, while ignoring occasional other noises. This ensures that the action is always on the speaker.

If two or more speakers are the focus, and there is a conversation going on, our cameras can automatically pick that up and zoom on all participants, making sure that everyone is included.

Finally, automatic zoom and focus may not give you the results you need. Not a worry. You can choose to show the entire room, or manually zoom on any point on the table, ignoring any automatic movements.

With all of this amazing video hardware, and our excellent customer service and beautifully designed rooms, Toronto Meetings is the best place to have your video meeting.

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