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#RostieTalk with Cryptoducation’s Roberto Sanabria

Come watch this month’s installment of Rostie Talks. In this episode, Roberto Sanabria of Cryptoducation discusses Bitcoin, Blockchains & all things Cryptocurrencies.

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The January Scoop is Out!

Enjoy this month’s Scoop and learn about exciting events happening around Toronto’s Waterfront. If you would like to advertise in our growing newsletter we are always happy to showcase local companies and community partners.

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Spotlight: Self-care

As we approach the New Year, it is important to reflect on personal maintenance – how we take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind that we don’t take the time to focus on what’s most important; our own well-being. Life is hectic. There is a lot that can be said about our modern lifestyles and the stress that can develop in most of them. We have all experienced situations where we’ve felt overcome by everything we need to accomplish and not enough hours in a day to achieve them. We’ve all pushed ourselves too far at some point, be it for the sake of a job, a project or assignment, or even our families. Whatever lifestyle you lead, we all know it and we’ve all felt it.

The problems come when life gets too hectic for us to maintain a balance of the different areas in our lives, perhaps when we start foregoing things we do for ourselves because you need to do something for others instead. This becomes an issue when we start putting our own well being aside for long periods of time. When we do this, and our own mental or physical health starts deteriorating, we are not being our best selves. The care we give or the work we do suffers for it. What this essentially means is, when you are not taking proper care of yourself, you are not taking proper care of your responsibilities either.

Recognise that sometimes we must forego some things to achieve a greater goal, but this should only be acceptable for a set amount of time. Often what happens is we get to that goal, but then another task pops up, and we stretch ourselves a little thinner for a little longer. Suddenly we’re not just missing out on that visit to the gym or rain-checking a time to catch up with friends, we stop having time for dinner with the family and sleep has been reduced to 4 hours a night. When was the last time you did something enjoyable, just for the sake of your own happiness and sanity? When was the last time you put something aside to give yourself a moment of clarity?

Some people are better at handling this stress than others. It is a growing trend that some companies are better at promoting self-care than others; encouraging working from home and taking mental health days to recharge our minds. We could all use a reminder every once in a while. Your most important asset is YOU, and taking care of your most valuable asset is imperative. This coming year, take some time to reflect on your health, your priorities and set yourself up for a healthy and productive 2018.

by Therese Mikalsen

December Roast of the Month

“Sweetly bright, balanced, classic. Ripe tangerine, apricot, honeysuckle-like flowers, hazelnut, fresh-cut cedar in aroma and cup. Delicate, lively acidity; lightly plush mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a gently tart, richly balanced finish.”

– (March 2015)

The Las Hermosas farmer relationship project started in 2004 when we discovered an exceptional Colombian coffee from a farming co-operative in the South Tolima region. In an effort to give back to this community, we donate funds each year to support projects that improve the local standard of living.

To date, we have supported numerous projects: construction of parabolic drying beds for 200 small family farms to improve quality;

– a cupping lab in Ibague with the equipment required for coffee quality analysis;

– a complete overhaul of sanitation and water purification systems for seven schools in the region;
– set-up of multiple computer labs within schools in the region for business and educational use.

Better social and economic conditions also create an environment where premium quality production is possible. As evidence of this, farmers from the Las Hermosas co-operative placed 1st, 3rd, and 7th in Colombia’s Cup of Excellence competition.

Thanks to our customers, we have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars back to this small farming co-operative that supplies us with the best Colombian coffee in the world.

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coffee of the month offered at all Rostie Group meeting spaces.

Toronto Meetings – Testimonials

We at The Rostie Group take customer service very seriously. A successful business meeting for you means we have done all we can to provide your company with everything you need to best present yourself in the most professional way. We firmly believe in collaboration with our tenants and clients and we continue to improve our facilities and work with our customers to solidify ourselves as Toronto’s Premier Business Centre

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The December Scoop is out!

Coworking – 4 reasons to join the Revolution

Coworking spaces have become a revolution. A hub for people of all trains of thought and inventive backgrounds to come together to create and develop innovative ideas. Why is the coworking space such a growing concept?

1. Community. Coworking brings about a sense of community for those who use rented spaces to help them build their ideas. Not having to be ‘ON’ in a workplace setting allows for people to not worry about the politics and bureaucracies that come with traditional offices. The openness that comes from seeing familiar faces who don’t represent competition but rather collaboration. Sharing a workspace brings together thinkers of all industries who can provide people with ideas that they might not have access to elsewhere.

2. Suitability. Coworking allows for people to dictate their own schedules. Instead of the traditional 9-5, shared workspaces offer the opportunity for people to choose the hours they wish to work. For the individual who finds themselves captivated with the creative juices in the evening, or at the break of dawn, can now use this availability to their advantage by working whenever, for however long they wish. With most shared workspaces offering 24/7 access, it’s easy to venture into your workspace at your own discretion and do your best work at a time that works best for you.

3. Convenience. Nothing speaks to the growing popularity of coworking spaces like the ease and convenience of obtaining a temporary desk. The ability to bring your work and ideas to a location that can easily be relocated or customized based on the individuals needs. Many
workspace providers will allow for tenants to select and customize their spaces to best suit the type of business in question. If there are more people being added to your growing company, larger areas can be supplied to accommodate any type of operation.

4. Perks. Many coworking spaces offer other business amenities to create the feeling that the space does represent the traditional office that brings about everyday business solutions. These amenities can include reception services to give the business administrative features, along with immediate, added credibility to prospective clients. Boardrooms for presentations and client meetings are common for coworking spaces and are typically offered with exclusive first-access to tenants. Lounges and social areas have now become a popular trend within coworking spaces to amplify the integration of companies even more.

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The Moving Parts of the Staff Meeting

The staff meeting:

The secret to a growing company is ‘intellectual capital’. Seeking out, hiring and retaining the best in the breed. These are your employees. One person can come up with an innovative idea, patent it on your behalf and game on – let the salad days begin for your company.

If you don’t have a written and distributed agenda for the attendees, don’t have a meeting. If no action items come out of a meeting, you have wasted an hour (or more) of your valuable workday. Staff meetings are a wonderful and neutral environment to discuss items of mutual benefit for the attendees.

Finding the optimal work equilibrium for the employee is found in the 6 T model. Time, Training, Talent, Task, Tools and Technology. Think of the 6 T’s as a hexagon, each of the 6 sides proportional. If proportional the employee is most likely a key contributor to the company’s success. If one, or more, of the 6 T’s is either missing or excessive, the shape of the hexagon gets skewed.

This provides ‘a great disturbance in the Force.’

This is not a problem but merely an opportunity to expose gaps. Once identified, management should create a plan to provide solutions to these same gaps and bring the employees’ skills into equilibrium. It will also reduce the anxiety an employee might feel, particularly for those who want to out-perform, yet feel they are missing key criteria to succeed. Finding people, giving them an environment to thrive, the right tools to succeed and appropriate motivation and rewards. Studies have shown everyone has a different and unique reward system. Be it trophies or dinners or public recognition or time off or monetary gain. The list is beyond the scope of this article but it is long and varied. Don’t forget, everybody needs a personal win now and then.

Always set aside some time for greenfield brainstorming. An open and hopefully energetic session to introduce new ideas and maybe even new problems. Don’t forget, in the sales world a problem is in truth an opportunity. Remember, a wonderful nugget can be gleaned from the unlikeliest of sources, or a simple comment can inspire others to add more. This is compound interest at its finest. A common ground where title and position on the organizational chart must have no importance. For managers, the art of listening, and not talking, is an acquired and vital skill. Some of the best speeches in the history of mankind were cleverly interrupted by the speaker with planned periods of silence. Your receptionists, for example, are probably the most customer-facing individuals in your employ. They have the best seat in the house to observe positive and negative words and expressions of your customers. They have the unique position to make and take immediate action to quell any discontent, or hopefully broadcast good news.

A happy customer tells 2 to 3 people of their experience. An unhappy customer tells 10 people. Let the ideas continue.