Coworking – 4 reasons to join the Revolution

Coworking spaces have become a revolution. A hub for people of all trains of thought and inventive backgrounds to come together to create and develop innovative ideas. Why is the coworking space such a growing concept?

1. Community. Coworking brings about a sense of community for those who use rented spaces to help them build their ideas. Not having to be ‘ON’ in a workplace setting allows for people to not worry about the politics and bureaucracies that come with traditional offices. The openness that comes from seeing familiar faces who don’t represent competition but rather collaboration. Sharing a workspace brings together thinkers of all industries who can provide people with ideas that they might not have access to elsewhere.

2. Suitability. Coworking allows for people to dictate their own schedules. Instead of the traditional 9-5, shared workspaces offer the opportunity for people to choose the hours they wish to work. For the individual who finds themselves captivated with the creative juices in the evening, or at the break of dawn, can now use this availability to their advantage by working whenever, for however long they wish. With most shared workspaces offering 24/7 access, it’s easy to venture into your workspace at your own discretion and do your best work at a time that works best for you.

3. Convenience. Nothing speaks to the growing popularity of coworking spaces like the ease and convenience of obtaining a temporary desk. The ability to bring your work and ideas to a location that can easily be relocated or customized based on the individuals needs. Many
workspace providers will allow for tenants to select and customize their spaces to best suit the type of business in question. If there are more people being added to your growing company, larger areas can be supplied to accommodate any type of operation.

4. Perks. Many coworking spaces offer other business amenities to create the feeling that the space does represent the traditional office that brings about everyday business solutions. These amenities can include reception services to give the business administrative features, along with immediate, added credibility to prospective clients. Boardrooms for presentations and client meetings are common for coworking spaces and are typically offered with exclusive first-access to tenants. Lounges and social areas have now become a popular trend within coworking spaces to amplify the integration of companies even more.

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