It’s Official – The Toronto Meetings Team Is Fully Vaccinated!

It’s Official – The Toronto Meetings Team Is Fully Vaccinated!

The Toronto Meetings Management Team is proud to announce that all of our employees have been fully vaccinated and are preparing diligently for your return to the workplace.

We’re committed whole heartedly to the health and safety of our guests and felt there was no better way to show it.

Not only have we all been “vaxed”, we’ve also implemented some great new practices to keep you safe as we continue through Ontario’s reopening plan.

So, what can you expect when you come back?

We’ve taken this opportunity to make some drastic upgrades to our centre.  Included in this is new: carpet, LED lighting, paint colours, ceiling tiles and videoconferencing technology.

Simply put, we’ve maximized our time to create a more welcoming, professional atmosphere for you to call your business home.

Our offices and meeting rooms have been set up with Ontario regulations in mind, so that proper gathering limits and social distancing is in place.

We’ve also made some major updates to our Catering Menu.  Long gone are the days of sandwich platters and large shareable salads.   Our new catering menu specializes in individually packaged meals, which allows for specific customization and mitigates the risk of passing germs and bacteria.

Although the world is slowly returning to normal, it’s important to remember the practices that got us to where we are today.

We continue to encourage all businesses to utilize their office space as best fit, while doing so in a safe, healthy, matter.

For more information about our Return to Work plan, feel free to visit or email

We look forward to seeing you back in your office!