Coworking downtown in Toronto

Coworking Downtown in Toronto

As coworking and shared office spaces become more and more popular, Downtown Toronto has become a hub for those seeking this work environment. There are several factors to consider when choosing to have your coworking office in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in Canada/U.S.

With Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles being the top three largest cities in North America, Toronto is often overlooked. Second only to Silicon Valley, Ontario is one of North America’s centres for information and communications technology. With this in mind, Toronto plays host to several of the big startups in the field of technology.

Large international Companies are interested in Toronto

Forbes ranked Canada ‘Best for business’ among G20 countries, and Toronto itself is one of the best ‘future-ready’ cities – which means it is a great place for innovative businesses and start-ups. Sidewalk Labs recently announced its joint venture with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Amazon has also recently expressed interest in creating it’s HQ2 here in Toronto. If being on the Fortune 500 list is one of your goals, Toronto plays host to several on their lists such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

Multicultural City

Toronto is a vibrant hub for expats, making it a vast multi-cultured city. This community that it creates affords Toronto with the ability to host several different business types, in a variety of fields, who have access to a global customer base.
Hollywood of the North
Toronto as a city is actually known as the Northern Hollywood with so many movies and shows being filmed here. Several Blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are shot in this city. Having a coworking desk in Downtown Toronto means that on your way to work, you may walk past the set of a movie or TV show being filmed.

Hiring Opportunities

With many top schools in Toronto, having a coworking desk in the downtown core would mean that you have access to some of the top graduates from the city.

‘Location, Location, Location’ is always key when choosing where your office will be. A Coworking Desk in Downtown Toronto affords you these perks and many more!

That’s why at Toronto Meetings, we don’t just provide the best spaces for meetings, but we also have Coworking desks available any time you need them! So join us today!

Business Meeting

Business Meeting Top Tips

Just like anything else, running a business meeting is an acquired skill. And just like any skill, it has to be learned, and practiced. But even the masters of their trade have a few shortcuts that they use. So here are our top tips for a successful meeting.

#1 – Goal

Know what the meeting is trying to accomplish, and what you want to accomplish with it. This will help you stay on track, and make sure the business meeting itself runs smoothly and is of value to all the attendees.

#2 – Business Summary

Write a summary of the meeting. Keep a copy for yourself, and distribute one to your attendees (as early as possible). This can help keep things on rails, and help people understand the topics and time constraints.

#3 – Stay on Topic

It can be VERY easy to stray from the main topic of the meeting. Just bring it back. You’re not being rude, you’re keeping things on track. It is respecting everyone’s time. Side conversations can be had later, or be the topic for the next meeting.

#4 – Don’t look down on the new hires

Don’t bypass the younger member, or the new hires. Hearing them out and asking them to pitch in will not only bring fresh ideas and point out potential issues. (If the new hire can spot an obvious issue, then something should probably be done about it). But it can also give younger members of staff the confidence they need to be both successful on the job, and in their careers.

#5 – 5 words or less

Can you summarize the meeting in 5 words or less? Then it was productive, and ultimately successful. The meeting stayed on track, and delivered the information that it needed to, as well as getting the input that was needed.

#6 – Finish it on schedule

Nothing is worse than the meeting that just won’t end. And some business meetings have a habit of running much further than intended. It isn’t always any one person’s fault, but if the meeting is in a large room filled with people, then it can be difficult when everyone wants to add their piece. (For a little more on this topic, check out another blog post of ours.)


To have the best business meeting, you need the best space and the best atmosphere. You can have all that and more here at Toronto Meetings. Choose the room that fits your meeting, and with our tips, and our rooms, you’ll have more productive meetings in no time.

Training Room

The Training Room Difference

Despite being largely made of the same space, there is a distinct difference between a meeting room, and a training room.

A meeting room can be fully equipped with all the tech necessary to run your meeting, (and our rooms here at Toronto Meetings certainly do) but to meet with your staff, you need the space, the seating and the table. Those are the essential ingredients.

For a training room, however, not only does that tech have to be there, but it also has to be state-of-the-art. Most commonly a training session will occur in a larger room, with several attendees. It may be difficult to broadcast your voice all the way to the end of the room, or they may have to see something on a larger screen that they are unable to on their smaller laptop, or mobile screens.

Additionally, being in a training room is more of an experience, rather than a service. A meeting may last only a few hours, but a training session can run all day, maybe even multiple days. The room has to be prepared for that. Your attendees have to be able to start the session and end it, potentially several days later, in comfort. Uncomfortable spaces will lead to poor knowledge retention. Definitely not the result you’re looking for.

When choosing a room for your next training session, make sure to pick a space that can accommodate all the attendees. You’ll also want to pick a layout that fits the room, and allows everyone a clear and unobstructed view of the head of the session. As well as of any screens and other visual aids used.

All of these details make for the training room “difference”. Not every gathering is the same, nor should it be treated the same. Which is why here at Toronto Meetings, we are flexible enough to provide rooms that match your needs.

So take a look at our available rooms, and book your training room today!

Atlantic Meeting Room 01

Your very own Board Room in Toronto

Let’s be honest: Rent in Toronto is currently very high. But even with that high rent,  you can still have your own Board Room in Toronto.

The location of your office is just as important as the business itself. And there is something to be said about having your business in a large city. It shows a certain level of pedigree. That being said, as mentioned above, the rent in Toronto is indeed high. You may simply be unable to – nor want to – afford a premium space in the city.

However, any business still has to have meetings.  And when meeting with important clients, you don’t want to make them go out of their way to meet you. Your competitors may be in the city, and that’s where your clients are most comfortable.

So you need a professional, great looking, and accessible board room in Toronto. A place where you can meet with potential clients, and show them you are ready to do business. Of course, having to pay for a board room in Toronto that you might be only using occasionally, especially when your business is already located outside of the city as a cost saving measure, isn’t the best use of your budget.

You could try to use a hotel lobby, but that isn’t very private, and lacks the setup to have a serious meeting. You could also consider convention centers, but often they are fully booked for events, or the rooms are too large for a smaller gathering. It can be difficult to find the right space.

Additionally, the stress of having to set up that space, making sure it’s clean and presentable. As well as insuring that all the AV equipment is up-to-date and functional.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a board room in Toronto. Here at Toronto Meetings, we have several rooms, of all sizes, and all are stylishly decorated.

We also have professional greeters that will welcome and direct your guests. Beyond our catering options, we also have water and refershments available. Free Wi-Fi, access to Screens, Full Tech Support, and of course, we will set up the room to your liking, so you can focus on what’s important.  So you see, not only can you have your own board room in Toronto, you can have the best board room.