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Your very own Board Room in Toronto

Let’s be honest: Rent in Toronto is currently very high. But even with that high rent,  you can still have your own Board Room in Toronto.

The location of your office is just as important as the business itself. And there is something to be said about having your business in a large city. It shows a certain level of pedigree. That being said, as mentioned above, the rent in Toronto is indeed high. You may simply be unable to – nor want to – afford a premium space in the city.

However, any business still has to have meetings.  And when meeting with important clients, you don’t want to make them go out of their way to meet you. Your competitors may be in the city, and that’s where your clients are most comfortable.

So you need a professional, great looking, and accessible board room in Toronto. A place where you can meet with potential clients, and show them you are ready to do business. Of course, having to pay for a board room in Toronto that you might be only using occasionally, especially when your business is already located outside of the city as a cost saving measure, isn’t the best use of your budget.

You could try to use a hotel lobby, but that isn’t very private, and lacks the setup to have a serious meeting. You could also consider convention centers, but often they are fully booked for events, or the rooms are too large for a smaller gathering. It can be difficult to find the right space.

Additionally, the stress of having to set up that space, making sure it’s clean and presentable. As well as insuring that all the AV equipment is up-to-date and functional.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a board room in Toronto. Here at Toronto Meetings, we have several rooms, of all sizes, and all are stylishly decorated.

We also have professional greeters that will welcome and direct your guests. Beyond our catering options, we also have water and refershments available. Free Wi-Fi, access to Screens, Full Tech Support, and of course, we will set up the room to your liking, so you can focus on what’s important.  So you see, not only can you have your own board room in Toronto, you can have the best board room.