The Rostie Group named in Top 10 Virtual Offices in Toronto

The Rostie Group is honoured to be mentioned in BlogTO’s list of the 10 best Virtual Business Offices in Toronto. Our organization works hard, each and everyday to provide the best possible service and business solutions for our customers and receiving this distinction is a tremendous acknowledgement.

Sign up today for your virtual office and see for yourself why we are among the best Toronto has to offer.

October Roast of the Month

Coffee of the Month

A signature blend, Privateer Dark is the epitome of balance in a dark roast, featuring coffees from the Americas, and Indonesia, representing two great growing regions for specialty coffee in the world. Pulling the deep and heavy flavors from the
coffees of Papua New Guinea, and the full-forced balance of its Colombian portion, the resulting cup is one that will hit all corners of your tongue, that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Don’t miss your chance to try it.




PRIVATEER is only available through the month of October. Thank you to Miller and Bean for providing us with the wonderful coffee.

Be sure to check back in each issue of The Scoop to learn more about our selected coffee of the month, offered at all Rostie Group meeting spaces.

Location. Location. Location.

The Rostie Group is Toronto’s premier meeting room space for any and all types of business solutions. Located at the corner of Bay St and Queens Quay in the Waterpark Place building, our offices deliver the amenities and views that aren’t available anywhere else in the bustling metropolis of Canada’s largest city.

Executive-style offices and boardrooms make our location the best place to conduct your own day-to-day operations as well as host your next client meeting and/or presentation. Located just south of the entertainment district in the Financial South Core, The Rostie Group is situated right in the most coveted section of the city; on the edge of the picturesque Waterfront.

The Waterfront itself is going through a sort of renaissance with large commitments made by the city to develop the economic development to entice both commercial and community growth. The Rostie Group is pleased to be located right in the epicenter of these efforts to turn Toronto into a world-class waterfront city.

Appearances in business are as relevant as ever. We here at The Rostie Group take immense pride in delivering an experience for our clients that will make their operations run smoothly and with the utmost professionalism. With technological capabilities in our meeting rooms, we can create any meeting you wish with whomever you wish with a simple connection. With lightning fast WiFi and state-of-the-art digital screens, we help create the virtual office to fit your needs in an expanding business landscape that has become dependant on global commerce.

Get in touch at or call us at 416-214-1840 and be a part of Toronto’s thriving South Financial Core and let us help you get a leg up on your competition.

Why Face-to-Face Meetings Still Matter

Virtual meetings are fantastic—they’re convenient, supremely useful, and an ever-growing aspect of modern business. They have so many features today, it seems like a face-to-face meeting would be hard-pressed to compete.

Well, appearances can be deceiving.

Have you ever participated in a virtual meeting? It usually ends up with half the meeting doing something else, and miscommunication abounds. Attendance is, at best, halfhearted, and it usually won’t receive the same reception that a face-to-face meeting ensures.

In a traditional meeting, engagement is 100%; distractions are kept to a minimum. Technical mishaps simply don’t occur; you won’t have connection issues trying to talk to someone when they’re sitting across the table from you.

95% of communication is non-verbal. It doesn’t make sense to hold meetings where you only get across 5% of your message- you’re missing out on the vast majority of cues that really determine how the meeting goes. There’s a reason why teams with in-person collaboration are always more successful than remote workers—the remote collaboration prevents people from connecting.

It makes sense to hold your meetings somewhere you can actually interact with your team- you’ll end up with total engagement, no misunderstandings, and a more successful outcome than any online software could dream of providing, guaranteed.

Here’s an idea: come into The Rostie Group for a tour of our meeting facilities, in person, and you’ll see the difference face-to-face actually makes.

The Rostie Group is located at 20 Bay Street, WaterPark Place, 11th Floor, Toronto, with access to Union Station via PATH.

To book your next meeting, please visit or contact or 416-214-1840.

The October Scoop Is Out!!

As fall arrives, we welcome you to explore what’s happening with The Rostie Group and other exciting events on Toronto’s Waterfront in this month’s Scoop.

Fall is the perfect time for your next important meeting!

Summer has come to an end, Fall is here and The Rostie Group is looking forward to providing you with all your office meeting needs.

It’s time to switch from shorts to sweaters, from mojitos to hot cocoa. It’s also time to capitalize on Toronto’s number one destination for premium meeting space.

Looking to book a board meeting? Hosting a conference for a large group? Teach or attend an out of town class from the comfort of your own city? Perhaps you’re looking to find the right candidate by holding interviews?

Whether you’re one person or a group of one hundred, The Rostie Group will ensure that your event goes flawlessly. From home business to big business and everything in between, we provide the perfect venue and leading staff accommodations to fulfill your needs.

Our team members are professionals— hosting meetings is what we do, and we do it well. No matter what type of event you have planned, chances are we’ve done it before and done it successfully.

The Rostie Group provides a wide range of flexible meeting room spaces that cater to any size of function. With 26 years of hosting meetings under our belt, we know what our clients need to have a successful meeting and we’ve seen enough down the line to be sure that we’re able to handle any and all requests.

All the meetings we host are infinitely customizable— we have rooms available 24/7, an easy-to-use online booking system and we accommodate any and all room configurations. Also offered are state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions and extensive catering options.

Located at 20 Bay Street, Waterpark Place, Toronto on the 11th Floor we have direct access to the PATH, Union Station and are in the heart of Toronto’s booming South Core; right on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Whether it’s a last minute engagement or a booking well in advance, meetings can be planned accordingly as we offer hourly, daily and weekly requests.

To book your next meeting please visit or contact or 416-214-1840.

September Roast of the Month

At The Rostie Group, we are proud to brew coffee from local roaster Reunion Island Coffee. Located in downtown Toronto, Reunion Island Coffee is Canada’s largest coffee roaster powered 100% by green energy, and is committed to sustainability—for example, they are certified by B Lab as an industry leader in social and environmental performance. Their coffee beans are sourced responsibly, and are certified Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, or are Direct Trade beans.

Each month, we highlight a different blend, which we serve in our meetings at our reception area. Make sure to order your coffee urn for your meeting and try some of Toronto’s best coffee.

This month’s coffee is Reunion Island’s EMPIRE French roast. Using beans which are hand-picked from high-altitude Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Latin America, EMPIRE French roast is a full-bodied dark roast, darker than traditional French roasts. The coffee is roasted to the point where the beans reach a deep, dark brown color, and aromatic oils coat the surface of the beans. Roasting beyond the second crack of the beans to develop this color brings out bittersweet, smoky notes in the beans, and mutes the brighter notes. All of the beans used in Reunion Island’s EMPIRE blend were selected to contribute to the blend’s full body and darker cocoa notes.

Don’t miss your chance to try it – EMPIRE is only available through the month of September. Thank you to Miller & Bean for providing us with the wonderful coffee.

To book your latest meeting at The Rostie Group, email or call 416-214-1840.