Why Face-to-Face Meetings Still Matter

Virtual meetings are fantastic—they’re convenient, supremely useful, and an ever-growing aspect of modern business. They have so many features today, it seems like a face-to-face meeting would be hard-pressed to compete.

Well, appearances can be deceiving.

Have you ever participated in a virtual meeting? It usually ends up with half the meeting doing something else, and miscommunication abounds. Attendance is, at best, halfhearted, and it usually won’t receive the same reception that a face-to-face meeting ensures.

In a traditional meeting, engagement is 100%; distractions are kept to a minimum. Technical mishaps simply don’t occur; you won’t have connection issues trying to talk to someone when they’re sitting across the table from you.

95% of communication is non-verbal. It doesn’t make sense to hold meetings where you only get across 5% of your message- you’re missing out on the vast majority of cues that really determine how the meeting goes. There’s a reason why teams with in-person collaboration are always more successful than remote workers—the remote collaboration prevents people from connecting.

It makes sense to hold your meetings somewhere you can actually interact with your team- you’ll end up with total engagement, no misunderstandings, and a more successful outcome than any online software could dream of providing, guaranteed.

Here’s an idea: come into The Rostie Group for a tour of our meeting facilities, in person, and you’ll see the difference face-to-face actually makes.

The Rostie Group is located at 20 Bay Street, WaterPark Place, 11th Floor, Toronto, with access to Union Station via PATH.

To book your next meeting, please visit www.torontomeetings.com or contact meetings@rostiegroup.com or 416-214-1840.

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