Tired Of Zoom Calls With Bad Audio And Bad Video?

Tired Of Zoom Calls With Bad Audio And Bad Video?

Tired of Zoom Calls with Bad Audio and Bad Video?

A year into the pandemic, everyone is familiar with zoom. Looking at coworkers’ and clients’ living rooms has never been less exciting than it is today.

Bad audio, bad video, and terrible lighting. Are you sure that’s the impression that you want to give to people you are “meeting” for the first time?

We’re sure that it’s not. At TorontoMeetings we have higher standards, which is why we’ve created our state of the art videoconferencing facilities, or “zoom rooms”.

You can feel safe using them, too. We’ve implemented industry-leading COVID precautions. We disinfect rooms before and after you use them, and we ensure that no room is occupied on back-to-back days. Hand sanitizer, enhanced HVAC airflow and filtering, as well as minimal traffic ensure that your experience is as risk free as possible.

When you use our “zoom rooms”, you can be prepared to say goodbye to living rooms, bad lighting, and a bad experience all around. We have ultra high-definition cameras, and multi directional, full room audio. Our lighting is set up following Zoom’s Illuminance Guidance best practices.

Also included are enhanced presentation capabilities, including on-call, dedicated tech support, to ensure that your meeting runs on time, and without interruptions.

The experience is tailored to your needs, and we are incredibly flexible. Need a last minute room for a meeting? We can do that. We offer multiple different sizes of rooms, as well. Larger rooms, perfect for product demos, and smaller rooms, which are perfect for ensuring that your meeting looks and feels intimate, while still being exceptionally professional.

You wouldn’t go on a video call wearing your pyjamas, right? Then why would you do it in a room which gives the same impression?

Use TorontoMeetings for your next important virtual meeting; your clients – and your bottom line will thank you.