Business Meeting

Business Meeting Top Tips

Just like anything else, running a business meeting is an acquired skill. And just like any skill, it has to be learned, and practiced. But even the masters of their trade have a few shortcuts that they use. So here are our top tips for a successful meeting.

#1 – Goal

Know what the meeting is trying to accomplish, and what you want to accomplish with it. This will help you stay on track, and make sure the business meeting itself runs smoothly and is of value to all the attendees.

#2 – Business Summary

Write a summary of the meeting. Keep a copy for yourself, and distribute one to your attendees (as early as possible). This can help keep things on rails, and help people understand the topics and time constraints.

#3 – Stay on Topic

It can be VERY easy to stray from the main topic of the meeting. Just bring it back. You’re not being rude, you’re keeping things on track. It is respecting everyone’s time. Side conversations can be had later, or be the topic for the next meeting.

#4 – Don’t look down on the new hires

Don’t bypass the younger member, or the new hires. Hearing them out and asking them to pitch in will not only bring fresh ideas and point out potential issues. (If the new hire can spot an obvious issue, then something should probably be done about it). But it can also give younger members of staff the confidence they need to be both successful on the job, and in their careers.

#5 – 5 words or less

Can you summarize the meeting in 5 words or less? Then it was productive, and ultimately successful. The meeting stayed on track, and delivered the information that it needed to, as well as getting the input that was needed.

#6 – Finish it on schedule

Nothing is worse than the meeting that just won’t end. And some business meetings have a habit of running much further than intended. It isn’t always any one person’s fault, but if the meeting is in a large room filled with people, then it can be difficult when everyone wants to add their piece. (For a little more on this topic, check out another blog post of ours.)


To have the best business meeting, you need the best space and the best atmosphere. You can have all that and more here at Toronto Meetings. Choose the room that fits your meeting, and with our tips, and our rooms, you’ll have more productive meetings in no time.