Coworking space etiquette

Coworking Etiquette

Coworking locations are popping up everywhere. And while we think we have the best spot in town, there are some things that are equal across all of them. When moving to a new space like this, you may be unaware of some of the more delicate etiquette rules associated with coworking spaces. Many of these “rules” are pretty standard when it comes to any shared space. If you’ve had messy roommates, you may already be familiar with some of these. But let’s examine some more specific coworking rules:

Rule #1 – Be Scent Free

A standard rule in a lot of organizations, but doubly important in a shared coworking space. Not only should you be wary of allergies that scents may trigger, but also general comfort levels. Not everyone in your coworking space will come from the same background, or even the same city, and some scents may be more uncommon or more offensive to differing individuals. This includes not only perfumes and colognes, but personal hygiene items like after shave and body wash. It also extends to food. The scent of strong food may cause either displeasure at the scent… or just making everyone grumpy they’re sitting in a meeting at lunch time. Speaking of food…

Rule #2 – Clean up and Wash down

Some days you can step out for a long lunch. Other days, you need to eat at your desk and catch up on work. Either way, be aware that the food you introduce to the shared coworking environment will be shared by everyone. Not in terms of everyone having a piece, but in terms of scents floating in the air, and the mental images those smells may bring up. Vegans may be uncomfortable with the smell of meat. And certain cultural foods may taste delicious, but have offensive scents. (Cabbage anyone?). This doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want, as long as you’re respectful, and more importantly, clean up your area after, to scrub away all potential lingering scents.

Rule #3 – It’s called “Coworking”

One of the major advantages of a coworking space is the savings that you get from sharing that space. Everyone will understand if a meeting runs long, but if you constantly run over time, and cause other company’s meetings to be delayed, you’ll quickly find yourself public enemy number 1. This is one of the easiest rules to follow, since starting and ending a meeting on time is actually a good thing. Your client is not more important than someone else’s.

It’s important to keep in mind that this place is shared. Everyday you’ll see new faces, and say goodbye to old ones. It’s just the way modern working… works. Here at Toronto Meetings, we have the ideal coworking space where you can practice all of these skills and more. Contact us today to see all of our available spaces! 

Videoconferencing Toronto Meetings Atlantic Room

VideoConference Rooms

Wouldn’t it be great if every office had videoconferencing capabilities?

The fact of the matter is, almost no offices in downtown Toronto have videoconference rooms available for use by the hour. Some companies do have videoconference rooms available to them for internal use but rarely allow outsiders in.

At Toronto Meetings, we’ve outfitted our meeting rooms, and offices, with videoconference equipment so our clients can conference with business associates no matter where they’re located.

Whether it’s interviewing a potential new hire in London, talking over figures with someone in China, or even checking in with your child who’s on their year-abroad in Australia, Toronto Meetings has all your video-conference desires covered. With tech support at your disposal 24/7, we can help you establish your connection to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Available for the full-day, half-day, and even by the hour, our meeting rooms are the most desirable place to conduct your videoconference. Lake views in the background in our Toronto Bay room; city views from our Caspian or Baltic rooms, whichever you choose will have the person on the other end of the screen wishing they were in your chair.

The camera’s and microphones have voice recognition software that allows them to focus in on individuals in the room. If someone in the room begins a long speech, the camera will allow them to be the focal point of the screen. The camera is also smart enough to recognize when a conversation is taking place, so if two people begin talking at length it will focus on them both.

Our goal is to make the lives, and businesses, that call our floor home easier. Whether you’ve been on our floor for a decade or it’s your first time, we are here for you. Outfitting a room at your office, or workspace, with videoconferencing technology can set a company back upwards of $40,000.

So come see our available room and set up your meeting today! 

Toronto Meetings Impression Reception

You can never get a second chance at making a first impression

Imagine yourself meeting a person for the first time. You are probably going to be impressed by their optimistic, professional, and respectful appearance. Imagine the difference in meeting someone who acknowledges your presence, shakes your hand, and remembers your name. Now imagine yourself meeting someone who fails to make eye contact with you and doesn’t bother to put their phone away when they talk to you. One of those people will earn your respect and a good first impression.

When you enter our office space at Toronto Meetings, you are welcomed by warm energy & calming tones. Implementing colour theory in our office is very important as colours have the profound effect of being able to direct & influence people’s mood. We have chosen natural wood, some beautiful flowers arrangements & green tones to bring the feeling of nature inside. You are greeted by positive & friendly people at reception. You are offered tea, coffee & a glass of water. You are provided with a place to sit where you can catch up on emails using our free WIFI, you can take your mind off your busy day by listening to some uplifting music or by reading some magazines including our very own magazine, The Scoop, which comes out bi-monthly.

When a person enters a warm & inviting space & is made to feel welcomed, positive emotions will follow them out of the office & throughout their day. This in turn will influence their decision to do business with that organization. “It’s the first impression that will either open the door or close it. It’s that important, so don’t mess it up.”Nicholas Sparks, author.

Reception Areas

The overall aesthetic of your office’s reception space not only triggers the tone for the visit, but should embody the identity of your organization. Ask yourself how the client is going to envision their collaboration with your company when they first walk into the room; how can you build on the success of those first thoughts?

When you’re thinking about a redesign or a renovation to the reception area, consider both the overall energy and visual cues you’re creating, but also the small details that a curious visitor will notice when they begin looking around; both of these elements help to create one succinct, unified space that can create a great first impression.

Every office needs to send an effective message to prospective clients entering the office, and it doesn’t have to be done with massive changes to the space – in fact, sometimes even a subtle change like a tasteful accent wall can make all the difference to a new visitor. Reception spaces should reflect a professional sense of creativity, innovation, and impact – without going over the top. Remember, less is often more when it comes to office design.

Your Office Isn’t Just for You

Think back to the films and TV shows of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – any office depicted in the media was often a grandiose space lavished in dark woods, a power desk, and a huge chair meant to elevate the grandeur of the CEO or partner. Not anymore.

Your office itself is all about the customer these days. Yes, you need a comfortable, attractive space to work, but your office design needs to place its emphasis on the client entering the space to join you. Client seating should be on the same playing field as yours, and your desk shouldn’t intimidate your client – make furniture selection a big part of your first impression checklist so your prospective client or customer feels as though they’re entering into a space that values their collaboration and opinion.

Offer a small table in between a pair of client chairs so they don’t have to place their purse or suitcase on the floor. Offer them a space to put their jacket, so to inspire a sense of belonging.


Use of appropriate lighting is another way to boost the impact of a first office impression. Natural light is associated with elevated client and employee satisfaction, healthier states of mind, and overall happiness – so if your office reception space is a dark and small feeling space, that first impression will carry over to the way your clients will interpret your business.

On the contrary, opening windows and allowing natural light to flood the reception area will give off a certain sense of happiness, creativity, and open-ended ideas.

Colours & Materials

Colour theory is oh-so important in first impressions – particularly in an office setting. We’re huge advocates of implementing colour theory in all aspects of the office because colours have the profound effect of being able to direct and influence people’s moods. For example:

  • Green is the colour of balance; it can help the occupants of a conference room or a personnel management office to weigh the intricate advantages and disadvantages of an idea, or partnership.
  • Blue is an excellent hue for an office space that focuses on numbers – like an accountant, or investment house – because it slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.
  • Purple is known as the intellectuals colour, and could be of great use for the reception area of your office to help your prospective clients to feel as though they’ve entered into a space of great knowledge and experience.

Your use of material can also influence the first impression of someone in your office. If your brand is, for example, geared towards a millennial crowd and sells coffee shop equipment, using a contemporary blend of natural materials like recycled wood and stainless steel help to give your company a sense of identity and focus. By contrast, the HQ of a coffee-based business featuring carpeted floors wouldn’t have the same level of effect on a client.

So if you’re in the area, and want to come in and see the Toronto Meetings’ rooms and Office Space, feel free to come on by. We hope to see you soon!

Toronto Office Space

Why a Toronto Office Space?

There are two things to keep in mind while looking into expanding your business. Firstly, it must be understood where the target audience resides in terms of geographical location. For example, when one thinks of the business capital of the world, they may think New York. Though this is not the only place that you will find the market booming. Think outside the major cities in the U.S.A, China, England, etc. Think the apologetic neighbour of New York; Canada! The city you want to focus in on is the highest populated in all of this massive country, which is Toronto. Secondly, it must be understood that office space will become an absolute necessity. You will need to setup camp somewhere after all. Let’s start there and learn about the importance of expanding your business Northbound!

The process of expanding your business into a Toronto Office

Eventually, you will run out of space where you started your business. Let’s say for this example that you are located in New York. There is very limited real estate in cities like this. You will need to consider expanding to a second location. This is where Toronto office space comes into the conversation. Canada is a 1st world country with loads of potential. It is the second largest country that doesn’t even come close to cracking the top 10 highest populated countries. Perhaps the best part is the opportunity. Toronto is home to a booming market and due to its low population when compared to American cities, anyone has an opportunity to enter the market should they want to! Toronto office space will be the best investment of your career!

Preparing the move to a Toronto Office

You have decided to expand into the North! Toronto office space is the next destination! So what are your options? First, you need to figure out what it is that you require. Will you need a team space for upwards of 30 employees? Or is your business smaller. Perhaps you only require an office for 3 employees. Regardless, you will have to find someone who has the space for you to move in! A great location in the core of downtown Toronto would be Bay Street. You will find that most businesses in the area have earned a name for themselves. A successful business in Toronto will be located at Bay Street. This is your best option should you have the money. Don’t forget the stereotypical truth that Canadians are the most welcoming locals eh?

What options do you have?

You now need to find a way to locate yourself at Bay Street. Find yourself some office space from a business like Toronto Meetings. You will find you have many options in terms of group size. You will find that the business can accommodate your every need. Should you need external space for meetings, reception service, or even catering services, Toronto Meetings will have your back. We take care of the small things that may take up half of your work day. This way you can focus on your work and get the most out of your time. Start investing in Toronto office space and watch the money flow eh?

Business Meetings

The Necessity of Business Meetings

Business meetings are one of the most important aspects of a business that is stable enough to say all of its employees are on the same page. Business meetings are a key factor in bringing the employees of a company up to date. This is to avoid any chance of miscommunication interfering with the process of the business in the future. Business meetings are also a good way to introduce employees to one another as well as their bosses. It is advantageous for employees to have relationships amongst each other so to strengthen the overall work ethic for the business.


One thing that could prove detrimental to workplace operation is miscommunication. Everyone has been there at some point where they text someone on their phone and they get a response that sounds cold or emotionless. This could lead to a gap in communication and could lead to your coworker thinking you are upset with them or moody or something similar. The opposite is all the worse however. Imagine your boss seeing you text with all of these weird emoji’s. They may take it as a sign that you are unprofessional. It could take something as insignificant as this for your boss to be skeptical of your work ethic. This will most likely result in an uncomfortable relationship.

A Chance to Grow as a Company

Business meetings are an opportunity for those lower in the corporate chain to speak up about their ideas. Typically, the owner of a company has no interest in what Fred from Sarnia has to say; especially if it is a larger business with hundreds or even thousands of employees. The opportunity never presents itself, but a business meeting is the chance for Fred. Fred’s idea might benefit the business, but if the owner does not humour him, then there is no chance of the idea coming to fruition.

Throughout the meeting, there should be an opportunity given for those who have ideas to share. Perhaps one hour for anyone to present possible solutions to problems, potential partnerships, advertisement possibilities, etc. This is beneficial to the business as it is using its resources to the fullest; its employees. Fred could potentially have come up with the greatest idea in the past century. Fred just needed an outlet to share his idea. This business meeting held by his company was exactly what he needed to

Give Employees an Opportunity to Chat with Each Other

Employees do not want to feel like work is isolating them from the outside world. This will only make them feel anxious on a daily basis. Employees want to know that they are working alongside other people who can display some kind of emotion. If you feel as though you are working with robots, you will not feel particularly comfortable.

Business meetings provide an opportunity to show your true happy self to your fellow employees; rather than your half-awake grumpy mood. A gathering is a good excuse to get to know each other during the breaks in the meeting for example. Work will be a lot easier for employees if they know that they have friends or at least acquaintances to speak with daily. There isn’t much that is less motivating than sitting at a desk for 9 hours trying to avoid everyone because you are uneasy around unfamiliar people.

So now that you know the necessity of meetings, make sure to take a look at our available rooms and choose the one that suits you and your company the most. Book today!

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Late for a Meeting

Top 10 things to Avoid doing in a Business Meeting

Unsatisfactory Meeting Space

10. Do not have your meeting in a space that is unsatisfactory

One way to have an unsuccessful meeting is to hold it in a room that is dark, unclean, and unorganized. A poor environment will surely lead to a loss in morale and most likely put employees to sleep. (At The Rostie Group, you will not have these problems). This may also be a sign to your employees that their boss does not care to spend money on their employees.

9. This is obvious; do not fight

Unfortunately, some adults regress to children when arguing and may begin to shout and/or get physical (Yes this happens sadly…). Remain mature at all times even if others may be irritating. Anyone can get frustrated when trapped in a room with your coworkers for hours on end. The professionals will maintain calm and focus on the task at hand. This should not be a consideration, as it should go unsaid that fighting is unacceptable behavior.

eating in meeting

8. Do not allow eating if it is a serious meeting

Eating can be distracting, so if the meeting requires concentration and quiet, eating should not be allowed.

Meeting Resolution

7. Do not prepare a meeting without reaching a resolution

Since a meeting will cost a lot of money, it is expected that there will be some worthwhile results. Whether you solve a problem that has been troubling you, or you come up with a solution to a potential upcoming issue, you must make your meeting constructive.

Meeting Time

6. Do not have a meeting go longer than expected

This would typically be the fault of the host/boss. If your meetings last too long, you cannot expect your employees to stay past the scheduled time. This would essentially be holding your employees overtime unexpectedly. This will most likely affect morale amongst employees, causing an unsteady relationship between employee and employer.

Distractions in a Meeting

5. Do not distract yourself and others

When in a business meeting, it may be difficult to pay attention for so long; especially if the meeting is going to take up to 8 hours or longer. You may get restless. It is important to remember however, that your company is paying for this time and place. Every minute counts, so you must remain on task until it’s over.

Drowsy in Meeting

4. Do not show up half awake

Just because your meeting day isn’t going to require as much energy as a typical work day does not mean you can stay up late the night before and watch your favourite movie until 2am. You must contribute! In order to contribute, you have to be awake and able to think properly without nodding off every 10 minutes. Your meeting is to discuss ideas, but it will not be easy to concentrate when you’re catching up on some shuteye.

3. Do not shoot down other’s ideas

It is important that at a business meeting, every idea is respected. This will enforce others to share their ideas even if they are unsure about it. A successful meeting must encourage all to speak. The purpose is to bounce ideas off of each other, which means that if members are afraid to share their ideas or they know they will be shot down, they will not want to share.

Unprepared for Meeting

2. Do not come unprepared

Nothing shows more disrespect towards your boss than showing up unprepared. It tells them that you simply do not care about them or their business. This is a pretty easy way to get fired if that’s what you’re aiming for! A meeting costs the business money since it is taking employees away from working. If you are not contributing to the meeting, you are basically taking the day off.

Late for a Meeting

1. Do not show up late

Showing up late is another way to show that you are unprepared and uncaring. You must be ready to start the meeting the same as a day at the office. You must be punctual in order to maintain a professional reputation.

Bonus. Do not have a meeting anywhere else other than Toronto Meetings

You wouldn’t dare choose any other meeting space… No excuses.  Our spaces are second to none and you can expect that there will be no issues regarding your environment. We offer modernly designed rooms with natural light and views of the downtown Toronto core.

So book your next Meeting Today!

The Art of Presentation in a Meeting

The Art of Presentation at a Meeting

Being the lead for presentation at a meeting is a talent that requires an array of developed communication skills. In order to be effective, you must be aware of the elements of a good presentation. Here are some tips to help you at your next meeting.

Clear speaking voice

There may not be a more effective lullaby than that of someone lecturing you with a voice that makes Ben Stein sound like a motivational speaker. In order to keep your audiences attention, you must be loud, assertive, confident, and most importantly, coherent.

Take these strategies and apply them twofold if your audience consists of your boss and/or clients you wish to impress. Strong presentation skills instills confidence in the eyes of your audience that you are confident in what you are speaking about as well as caring about your subject.

Plan out your presentation

It is important to prepare a well-structured schedule for your meeting; an order of business. This means that you want to have a mental list or a notebook of what you would like to discuss in which order. Keep the notebook beside you or even in your hands while you’re speaking. It does not look unprofessional as long as you do not read straight off of the pages. On the contrary, it may actually look more professional since you have prepared yourself quite well beforehand.

However, it is unprofessional to have a presentation that doesn’t transition well from one subject to another. If there is a lot of content in your presentation, then you may want to practice beforehand to become familiar with your arrangement.

Lead with your strongest and most exciting idea

One thing to always keep in mind if you are going to be presenting in front of a somewhat large audience, is that most people are most likely bored before you even open your mouth. Nobody is necessarily excited for their upcoming eleven hour long meeting.

Surprise them with an entertaining and/or interesting opening line. Open with something that catches their attention right away and makes them sit up in their seats. For instance, try something like this: “Who wishes they could turn back time? Who wishes they could find a way? Let me introduce you to my invention of the time machine!” Obviously a time machine would be interesting enough on its own, but that’s beside the point. Once you have caught their attention, introduce your strongest point first. For example, try: “My time machine is better than your time machine because mine will have a cup holder!” Assuming that your opposition has also invented this revolutionary machine, you have one-upped them!

What’s the significance?

There’s no need to beat around the bush when hosting a meeting. Try to get your point across right from the start. Start your presentation by stating the goals in chronological order you wish to accomplish by the end. As mentioned prior, lead off with your strongest idea and go from there. Be sure to explain the motivation behind your ideas and how they are directly beneficial to your business. It is great and all if you have a great idea, but what if it doesn’t help your business. What then would be the point?


Be sure to make your presentation one to remember. What’s the point of having one if nobody remembers anything from the session a week later? Be confident that your attendees paid attention and made use of your ideas.

For example, sometimes a slogan can prove an effective strategy for grabbing someone’s attention. Even if it is lame, it will be effective since it is remembered for being such. “Don’t dwell on the past, dwell from the past!” This is still fairly negative, but clever! The point is that you want to keep their attention throughout your presentation.

Having a strange hook line may actually end up being the most important part of your presentation since it may be the only thing that anyone remembers a month after the meeting. If this is the case, you will want it to be something that reminds them of your presentation day; something to ring a bell. Like mentioned earlier, “don’t dwell on the past, dwell from the past!” has a humourous connotation, and so will be remembered because it makes those who say it laugh.

In brief, be sure to up your presentation skills in order impress your bosses and coworkers, make a contribution to your business, and improve your communication skills as well. Someone with strong presentation skills is someone who tends to be successful overall as well.

If you’re prepared to put your presentation chops to the test, then why don’t you book your next meeting here at Toronto Meetings? You’ll get all the best tech in a room set up just how you need it. Book Today! 

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