Coworking space etiquette

Coworking Etiquette

Coworking locations are popping up everywhere. And while we think we have the best spot in town, there are some things that are equal across all of them. When moving to a new space like this, you may be unaware of some of the more delicate etiquette rules associated with coworking spaces. Many of these “rules” are pretty standard when it comes to any shared space. If you’ve had messy roommates, you may already be familiar with some of these. But let’s examine some more specific coworking rules:

Rule #1 – Be Scent Free

A standard rule in a lot of organizations, but doubly important in a shared coworking space. Not only should you be wary of allergies that scents may trigger, but also general comfort levels. Not everyone in your coworking space will come from the same background, or even the same city, and some scents may be more uncommon or more offensive to differing individuals. This includes not only perfumes and colognes, but personal hygiene items like after shave and body wash. It also extends to food. The scent of strong food may cause either displeasure at the scent… or just making everyone grumpy they’re sitting in a meeting at lunch time. Speaking of food…

Rule #2 – Clean up and Wash down

Some days you can step out for a long lunch. Other days, you need to eat at your desk and catch up on work. Either way, be aware that the food you introduce to the shared coworking environment will be shared by everyone. Not in terms of everyone having a piece, but in terms of scents floating in the air, and the mental images those smells may bring up. Vegans may be uncomfortable with the smell of meat. And certain cultural foods may taste delicious, but have offensive scents. (Cabbage anyone?). This doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want, as long as you’re respectful, and more importantly, clean up your area after, to scrub away all potential lingering scents.

Rule #3 – It’s called “Coworking”

One of the major advantages of a coworking space is the savings that you get from sharing that space. Everyone will understand if a meeting runs long, but if you constantly run over time, and cause other company’s meetings to be delayed, you’ll quickly find yourself public enemy number 1. This is one of the easiest rules to follow, since starting and ending a meeting on time is actually a good thing. Your client is not more important than someone else’s.

It’s important to keep in mind that this place is shared. Everyday you’ll see new faces, and say goodbye to old ones. It’s just the way modern working… works. Here at Toronto Meetings, we have the ideal coworking space where you can practice all of these skills and more. Contact us today to see all of our available spaces! 

Business Meetings

The Necessity of Business Meetings

Business meetings are one of the most important aspects of a business that is stable enough to say all of its employees are on the same page. Business meetings are a key factor in bringing the employees of a company up to date. This is to avoid any chance of miscommunication interfering with the process of the business in the future. Business meetings are also a good way to introduce employees to one another as well as their bosses. It is advantageous for employees to have relationships amongst each other so to strengthen the overall work ethic for the business.


One thing that could prove detrimental to workplace operation is miscommunication. Everyone has been there at some point where they text someone on their phone and they get a response that sounds cold or emotionless. This could lead to a gap in communication and could lead to your coworker thinking you are upset with them or moody or something similar. The opposite is all the worse however. Imagine your boss seeing you text with all of these weird emoji’s. They may take it as a sign that you are unprofessional. It could take something as insignificant as this for your boss to be skeptical of your work ethic. This will most likely result in an uncomfortable relationship.

A Chance to Grow as a Company

Business meetings are an opportunity for those lower in the corporate chain to speak up about their ideas. Typically, the owner of a company has no interest in what Fred from Sarnia has to say; especially if it is a larger business with hundreds or even thousands of employees. The opportunity never presents itself, but a business meeting is the chance for Fred. Fred’s idea might benefit the business, but if the owner does not humour him, then there is no chance of the idea coming to fruition.

Throughout the meeting, there should be an opportunity given for those who have ideas to share. Perhaps one hour for anyone to present possible solutions to problems, potential partnerships, advertisement possibilities, etc. This is beneficial to the business as it is using its resources to the fullest; its employees. Fred could potentially have come up with the greatest idea in the past century. Fred just needed an outlet to share his idea. This business meeting held by his company was exactly what he needed to

Give Employees an Opportunity to Chat with Each Other

Employees do not want to feel like work is isolating them from the outside world. This will only make them feel anxious on a daily basis. Employees want to know that they are working alongside other people who can display some kind of emotion. If you feel as though you are working with robots, you will not feel particularly comfortable.

Business meetings provide an opportunity to show your true happy self to your fellow employees; rather than your half-awake grumpy mood. A gathering is a good excuse to get to know each other during the breaks in the meeting for example. Work will be a lot easier for employees if they know that they have friends or at least acquaintances to speak with daily. There isn’t much that is less motivating than sitting at a desk for 9 hours trying to avoid everyone because you are uneasy around unfamiliar people.

So now that you know the necessity of meetings, make sure to take a look at our available rooms and choose the one that suits you and your company the most. Book today!

CoWorking in a Gig Economy

As we enter into a new business landscape of non-traditional office environments, the entrepreneurial spirit has extended into the world of temporary and remote offices. The concept of coworking has become a global phenomenon. With the increase in digital capabilities, many jobs no longer require people to be in an office to perform their daily duties. This has given people the freedom to establish themselves in rented desks and virtual offices. By providing a strong work-life balance that continues to be a key selling point for any employee, an open-door coworking space can give the 21st-century worker the option to dictate their own hours and work on multiple projects.

The truth is, more and more people, especially young people, are choosing to change careers with regularity. Whether it’s for a new challenge, the opportunity to collaborate on a fresh startup idea or simply for economical advancement, the old adage of sticking with a career and then switching every 5 years to ‘learn your trade’ has come to be somewhat passe. People develop skills relevant to rapid technology shifts and they bring these abilities with them to evolving trends in a developing
professional community. Coworking spaces allow people to be visible to talent recruiters and also allow them to stay abreast of industry trends and even the possibility to mingle with competition.

The trend of coworking will continue to grow as many people opt out of traditional workspace options. Many large corporations have begun to establish their operations within coworking and
incubator spaces. This workspace revolution continuously grows at an exponential pace for many reasons but the most important is that it allows companies to surround their workers with innovative thinkers at a reduced cost compared to the rising cost of traditional business real estate.

Visit to learn more about our coworking packages and start your shared workspace experience with Toronto’s most comprehensive and executive provider.

Downtown Toronto City Hall

Ever had a Meeting in Downtown Toronto?

There are many important factors to consider when deciding the location for your next meeting. How accessible is it for everyone involved? What does the surrounding area look like? How well-known is the location? All are very important to consider, especially if you’re meeting with an important client. And that is precisely why Downtown Toronto is a great fit.

Accessible via Go Train, TTC, or even by driving, there are endless ways to get to the area. And accessibility is just the first part.

If someone in your meeting is coming from out-of-town, you’ll definitely want to take them to a few attractions, all easily accessible by transit, or on a good day, even walking there; Places like the St. Lawrence Market, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Ripley’s AquariumThe Hockey Hall of Fame, The Air Canada Centre (which is about 2 minutes away from us on foot!), The Toronto Waterfront, The CN Tower,  and many more.

You’ll also have the distinction of holding your meeting in one of the largest business cities in the world. With that incredible pedigree just going in, no wonder Downtown Toronto is one of the best places to hold your meetings.

And that’s why we chose Downtown Toronto to build our Toronto Meetings centre.  With an internationally recognized Bay Street Address,  your clients and meeting attendees will know that you are serious about your business, and theirs. And being located in Toronto’s growing South Core, you’ll be steps away from transit, and easily within walking distance of all the amazing attractions Downtown Toronto has to offer.

So take a look at our available Meeting Rooms, pick the the size you need, and don’t forget to get catering!


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