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Coworking space etiquette

Coworking Etiquette

Coworking locations are popping up everywhere. And while we think we have the best spot in town, there are some things that are equal across all of them. When moving to a new space like this, you may be unaware of some of the more delicate etiquette rules associated with coworking spaces. Many of these “rules” are pretty standard when it comes to any shared space. If you’ve had messy roommates, you may already be familiar with some of these. But let’s examine some more specific coworking rules:

Rule #1 – Be Scent Free

A standard rule in a lot of organizations, but doubly important in a shared coworking space. Not only should you be wary of allergies that scents may trigger, but also general comfort levels. Not everyone in your coworking space will come from the same background, or even the same city, and some scents may be more uncommon or more offensive to differing individuals. This includes not only perfumes and colognes, but personal hygiene items like after shave and body wash. It also extends to food. The scent of strong food may cause either displeasure at the scent… or just making everyone grumpy they’re sitting in a meeting at lunch time. Speaking of food…

Rule #2 – Clean up and Wash down

Some days you can step out for a long lunch. Other days, you need to eat at your desk and catch up on work. Either way, be aware that the food you introduce to the shared coworking environment will be shared by everyone. Not in terms of everyone having a piece, but in terms of scents floating in the air, and the mental images those smells may bring up. Vegans may be uncomfortable with the smell of meat. And certain cultural foods may taste delicious, but have offensive scents. (Cabbage anyone?). This doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want, as long as you’re respectful, and more importantly, clean up your area after, to scrub away all potential lingering scents.

Rule #3 – It’s called “Coworking”

One of the major advantages of a coworking space is the savings that you get from sharing that space. Everyone will understand if a meeting runs long, but if you constantly run over time, and cause other company’s meetings to be delayed, you’ll quickly find yourself public enemy number 1. This is one of the easiest rules to follow, since starting and ending a meeting on time is actually a good thing. Your client is not more important than someone else’s.

It’s important to keep in mind that this place is shared. Everyday you’ll see new faces, and say goodbye to old ones. It’s just the way modern working… works. Here at Toronto Meetings, we have the ideal coworking space where you can practice all of these skills and more. Contact us today to see all of our available spaces! 

Rostie Group Coworking Desks

Meetings Membership with Toronto Meetings

With the fall approaching, it’s apt that businesses, and the people that drive them, start exploring avenues to maximize profits as we head closer to 2020.

At Toronto Meetings, we tend to look at September 1st as a second New Year ’s Day. The kids are back in school and the weather allows people to settle back into their thriving work schedules.

September is one of the more exciting months of the business year as people are ready to hit the ground running, and keep running until they break in mid-December.

Over the summer, our team has been brainstorming ideas so that we can serve our clients even better than we have been. After weeks of collaboration, deliberation and a little bit of frustration, we’ve come up with a plan that is going to assist businesses, of any size, make more money.

Please allow me to introduce the Toronto Meetings Membership. Relying on feedback from our current clients, as well as input from almost every member in our team, we’ve devised a membership package that works for a variety of different businesses and people.

For 45 dollars each month, you, and your company, are provided discounts on all meeting rooms at Toronto Meetings, a full-day of coworking each month, invitation to all social gatherings hosted on site, and a Customer Services Portal Account.

If you want to use our meeting rooms regularly, or even infrequently, this membership makes immediate sense. After a couple of hours in one of our smaller meeting rooms, like the Baltic room, you would already start to see a return on your monthly investment. Now imagine if you wish to book one of our larger spaces, like the Rainy Lake room, the discount you would receive would dwarf the 45 dollars you spent at the beginning of that month.

It might seem like we’re selling you a bit of a ‘loop-hole’ with this membership and, between me and you, that’s almost exactly what we’re doing.

Toronto Meetings Impression Reception

You can never get a second chance at making a first impression

Imagine yourself meeting a person for the first time. You are probably going to be impressed by their optimistic, professional, and respectful appearance. Imagine the difference in meeting someone who acknowledges your presence, shakes your hand, and remembers your name. Now imagine yourself meeting someone who fails to make eye contact with you and doesn’t bother to put their phone away when they talk to you. One of those people will earn your respect and a good first impression.

When you enter our office space at Toronto Meetings, you are welcomed by warm energy & calming tones. Implementing colour theory in our office is very important as colours have the profound effect of being able to direct & influence people’s mood. We have chosen natural wood, some beautiful flowers arrangements & green tones to bring the feeling of nature inside. You are greeted by positive & friendly people at reception. You are offered tea, coffee & a glass of water. You are provided with a place to sit where you can catch up on emails using our free WIFI, you can take your mind off your busy day by listening to some uplifting music or by reading some magazines including our very own magazine, The Scoop, which comes out bi-monthly.

When a person enters a warm & inviting space & is made to feel welcomed, positive emotions will follow them out of the office & throughout their day. This in turn will influence their decision to do business with that organization. “It’s the first impression that will either open the door or close it. It’s that important, so don’t mess it up.”Nicholas Sparks, author.

Reception Areas

The overall aesthetic of your office’s reception space not only triggers the tone for the visit, but should embody the identity of your organization. Ask yourself how the client is going to envision their collaboration with your company when they first walk into the room; how can you build on the success of those first thoughts?

When you’re thinking about a redesign or a renovation to the reception area, consider both the overall energy and visual cues you’re creating, but also the small details that a curious visitor will notice when they begin looking around; both of these elements help to create one succinct, unified space that can create a great first impression.

Every office needs to send an effective message to prospective clients entering the office, and it doesn’t have to be done with massive changes to the space – in fact, sometimes even a subtle change like a tasteful accent wall can make all the difference to a new visitor. Reception spaces should reflect a professional sense of creativity, innovation, and impact – without going over the top. Remember, less is often more when it comes to office design.

Your Office Isn’t Just for You

Think back to the films and TV shows of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – any office depicted in the media was often a grandiose space lavished in dark woods, a power desk, and a huge chair meant to elevate the grandeur of the CEO or partner. Not anymore.

Your office itself is all about the customer these days. Yes, you need a comfortable, attractive space to work, but your office design needs to place its emphasis on the client entering the space to join you. Client seating should be on the same playing field as yours, and your desk shouldn’t intimidate your client – make furniture selection a big part of your first impression checklist so your prospective client or customer feels as though they’re entering into a space that values their collaboration and opinion.

Offer a small table in between a pair of client chairs so they don’t have to place their purse or suitcase on the floor. Offer them a space to put their jacket, so to inspire a sense of belonging.


Use of appropriate lighting is another way to boost the impact of a first office impression. Natural light is associated with elevated client and employee satisfaction, healthier states of mind, and overall happiness – so if your office reception space is a dark and small feeling space, that first impression will carry over to the way your clients will interpret your business.

On the contrary, opening windows and allowing natural light to flood the reception area will give off a certain sense of happiness, creativity, and open-ended ideas.

Colours & Materials

Colour theory is oh-so important in first impressions – particularly in an office setting. We’re huge advocates of implementing colour theory in all aspects of the office because colours have the profound effect of being able to direct and influence people’s moods. For example:

  • Green is the colour of balance; it can help the occupants of a conference room or a personnel management office to weigh the intricate advantages and disadvantages of an idea, or partnership.
  • Blue is an excellent hue for an office space that focuses on numbers – like an accountant, or investment house – because it slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.
  • Purple is known as the intellectuals colour, and could be of great use for the reception area of your office to help your prospective clients to feel as though they’ve entered into a space of great knowledge and experience.

Your use of material can also influence the first impression of someone in your office. If your brand is, for example, geared towards a millennial crowd and sells coffee shop equipment, using a contemporary blend of natural materials like recycled wood and stainless steel help to give your company a sense of identity and focus. By contrast, the HQ of a coffee-based business featuring carpeted floors wouldn’t have the same level of effect on a client.

So if you’re in the area, and want to come in and see the Toronto Meetings’ rooms and Office Space, feel free to come on by. We hope to see you soon!

Toronto Office Space

Why a Toronto Office Space?

There are two things to keep in mind while looking into expanding your business. Firstly, it must be understood where the target audience resides in terms of geographical location. For example, when one thinks of the business capital of the world, they may think New York. Though this is not the only place that you will find the market booming. Think outside the major cities in the U.S.A, China, England, etc. Think the apologetic neighbour of New York; Canada! The city you want to focus in on is the highest populated in all of this massive country, which is Toronto. Secondly, it must be understood that office space will become an absolute necessity. You will need to setup camp somewhere after all. Let’s start there and learn about the importance of expanding your business Northbound!

The process of expanding your business into a Toronto Office

Eventually, you will run out of space where you started your business. Let’s say for this example that you are located in New York. There is very limited real estate in cities like this. You will need to consider expanding to a second location. This is where Toronto office space comes into the conversation. Canada is a 1st world country with loads of potential. It is the second largest country that doesn’t even come close to cracking the top 10 highest populated countries. Perhaps the best part is the opportunity. Toronto is home to a booming market and due to its low population when compared to American cities, anyone has an opportunity to enter the market should they want to! Toronto office space will be the best investment of your career!

Preparing the move to a Toronto Office

You have decided to expand into the North! Toronto office space is the next destination! So what are your options? First, you need to figure out what it is that you require. Will you need a team space for upwards of 30 employees? Or is your business smaller. Perhaps you only require an office for 3 employees. Regardless, you will have to find someone who has the space for you to move in! A great location in the core of downtown Toronto would be Bay Street. You will find that most businesses in the area have earned a name for themselves. A successful business in Toronto will be located at Bay Street. This is your best option should you have the money. Don’t forget the stereotypical truth that Canadians are the most welcoming locals eh?

What options do you have?

You now need to find a way to locate yourself at Bay Street. Find yourself some office space from a business like Toronto Meetings. You will find you have many options in terms of group size. You will find that the business can accommodate your every need. Should you need external space for meetings, reception service, or even catering services, Toronto Meetings will have your back. We take care of the small things that may take up half of your work day. This way you can focus on your work and get the most out of your time. Start investing in Toronto office space and watch the money flow eh?

CoWorking in a Gig Economy

As we enter into a new business landscape of non-traditional office environments, the entrepreneurial spirit has extended into the world of temporary and remote offices. The concept of coworking has become a global phenomenon. With the increase in digital capabilities, many jobs no longer require people to be in an office to perform their daily duties. This has given people the freedom to establish themselves in rented desks and virtual offices. By providing a strong work-life balance that continues to be a key selling point for any employee, an open-door coworking space can give the 21st-century worker the option to dictate their own hours and work on multiple projects.

The truth is, more and more people, especially young people, are choosing to change careers with regularity. Whether it’s for a new challenge, the opportunity to collaborate on a fresh startup idea or simply for economical advancement, the old adage of sticking with a career and then switching every 5 years to ‘learn your trade’ has come to be somewhat passe. People develop skills relevant to rapid technology shifts and they bring these abilities with them to evolving trends in a developing
professional community. Coworking spaces allow people to be visible to talent recruiters and also allow them to stay abreast of industry trends and even the possibility to mingle with competition.

The trend of coworking will continue to grow as many people opt out of traditional workspace options. Many large corporations have begun to establish their operations within coworking and
incubator spaces. This workspace revolution continuously grows at an exponential pace for many reasons but the most important is that it allows companies to surround their workers with innovative thinkers at a reduced cost compared to the rising cost of traditional business real estate.

Visit rostiegroup.com to learn more about our coworking packages and start your shared workspace experience with Toronto’s most comprehensive and executive provider.

Coworking downtown in Toronto

Coworking Downtown in Toronto

As coworking and shared office spaces become more and more popular, Downtown Toronto has become a hub for those seeking this work environment. There are several factors to consider when choosing to have your coworking office in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in Canada/U.S.

With Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles being the top three largest cities in North America, Toronto is often overlooked. Second only to Silicon Valley, Ontario is one of North America’s centres for information and communications technology. With this in mind, Toronto plays host to several of the big startups in the field of technology.

Large international Companies are interested in Toronto

Forbes ranked Canada ‘Best for business’ among G20 countries, and Toronto itself is one of the best ‘future-ready’ cities – which means it is a great place for innovative businesses and start-ups. Sidewalk Labs recently announced its joint venture with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Amazon has also recently expressed interest in creating it’s HQ2 here in Toronto. If being on the Fortune 500 list is one of your goals, Toronto plays host to several on their lists such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

Multicultural City

Toronto is a vibrant hub for expats, making it a vast multi-cultured city. This community that it creates affords Toronto with the ability to host several different business types, in a variety of fields, who have access to a global customer base.
Hollywood of the North
Toronto as a city is actually known as the Northern Hollywood with so many movies and shows being filmed here. Several Blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are shot in this city. Having a coworking desk in Downtown Toronto means that on your way to work, you may walk past the set of a movie or TV show being filmed.

Hiring Opportunities

With many top schools in Toronto, having a coworking desk in the downtown core would mean that you have access to some of the top graduates from the city.

‘Location, Location, Location’ is always key when choosing where your office will be. A Coworking Desk in Downtown Toronto affords you these perks and many more!

That’s why at Toronto Meetings, we don’t just provide the best spaces for meetings, but we also have Coworking desks available any time you need them! So join us today!

Toronto Meetings Waterfront

Make your Meeting the BEST with Toronto Meetings!

Business Meetings are essential for the health and well being of any business, but are also a big investment in time and money. You have to pay your employees to sit in on those meetings, while they could be out there working hard and increasing profits. So if you’re going to invest your time and money in these meetings, you’ll want to make sure you have the BEST meeting.

But not all meetings are created equally. There is a large gap between your standard meeting,  and the BEST meeting. And you definitely want all your meetings to be great; to achieve their goals, to be worth their time, and to have all participants come away with a sense that something happened, and the meeting was helpful.

And the most important part of that meeting (other than ending it well, click here to see our last post about that) is the environment you have the meeting in.

At Toronto Meetings we have the BEST environment.


The BEST rooms.

The BEST food.

The BEST views.

And all of this, just so that you can have the BEST Meetings.

So when you’re planning your next meeting, and are worried about the content, how to start and end your meeting, and the best way to keep it on schedule, you just let us worry about everything else.

From the set-up to the teardown, we will handle all the details that make your meeting, the BEST meeting.