Top 10 things to Avoid doing in a Business Meeting

Unsatisfactory Meeting Space

10. Do not have your meeting in a space that is unsatisfactory

One way to have an unsuccessful meeting is to hold it in a room that is dark, unclean, and unorganized. A poor environment will surely lead to a loss in morale and most likely put employees to sleep. (At The Rostie Group, you will not have these problems). This may also be a sign to your employees that their boss does not care to spend money on their employees.

9. This is obvious; do not fight

Unfortunately, some adults regress to children when arguing and may begin to shout and/or get physical (Yes this happens sadly…). Remain mature at all times even if others may be irritating. Anyone can get frustrated when trapped in a room with your coworkers for hours on end. The professionals will maintain calm and focus on the task at hand. This should not be a consideration, as it should go unsaid that fighting is unacceptable behavior.

eating in meeting

8. Do not allow eating if it is a serious meeting

Eating can be distracting, so if the meeting requires concentration and quiet, eating should not be allowed.

Meeting Resolution

7. Do not prepare a meeting without reaching a resolution

Since a meeting will cost a lot of money, it is expected that there will be some worthwhile results. Whether you solve a problem that has been troubling you, or you come up with a solution to a potential upcoming issue, you must make your meeting constructive.

Meeting Time

6. Do not have a meeting go longer than expected

This would typically be the fault of the host/boss. If your meetings last too long, you cannot expect your employees to stay past the scheduled time. This would essentially be holding your employees overtime unexpectedly. This will most likely affect morale amongst employees, causing an unsteady relationship between employee and employer.

Distractions in a Meeting

5. Do not distract yourself and others

When in a business meeting, it may be difficult to pay attention for so long; especially if the meeting is going to take up to 8 hours or longer. You may get restless. It is important to remember however, that your company is paying for this time and place. Every minute counts, so you must remain on task until it’s over.

Drowsy in Meeting

4. Do not show up half awake

Just because your meeting day isn’t going to require as much energy as a typical work day does not mean you can stay up late the night before and watch your favourite movie until 2am. You must contribute! In order to contribute, you have to be awake and able to think properly without nodding off every 10 minutes. Your meeting is to discuss ideas, but it will not be easy to concentrate when you’re catching up on some shuteye.

3. Do not shoot down other’s ideas

It is important that at a business meeting, every idea is respected. This will enforce others to share their ideas even if they are unsure about it. A successful meeting must encourage all to speak. The purpose is to bounce ideas off of each other, which means that if members are afraid to share their ideas or they know they will be shot down, they will not want to share.

Unprepared for Meeting

2. Do not come unprepared

Nothing shows more disrespect towards your boss than showing up unprepared. It tells them that you simply do not care about them or their business. This is a pretty easy way to get fired if that’s what you’re aiming for! A meeting costs the business money since it is taking employees away from working. If you are not contributing to the meeting, you are basically taking the day off.

Late for a Meeting

1. Do not show up late

Showing up late is another way to show that you are unprepared and uncaring. You must be ready to start the meeting the same as a day at the office. You must be punctual in order to maintain a professional reputation.

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