Rainy Lake Meeting Room

Training Rooms for Rent

Here at Toronto Meetings, we’ve been running meetings since the mid -90s, so it’s not too much of a leap to say that we’re experts at it. One thing we’ve found that we’re very good at is training sessions. We host a variety of universities and colleges, as well as sales and tech certification programs. We excel at coordinating and ensuring that everything you need to run a training session is done, and done well. We offer a multitude of small rooms, as well as board rooms; either works for your training room session, as they are flexible spaces.

However, where we really come into our own is within our dedicated training rooms. We have three of these dedicated rooms that are built specifically with training purposes in mind. Incredibly flexible, we can set them up in literally any configuration, and they sit 25, 35, and 60 people in the standard classroom layout- in a theater size with no tables, figure that number will double. We also have training room layouts that have pods- perfect for heavily collaborative settings- or a U-Shape, which presents a happy medium between presentation and collaboration-focused training sessions.

Additionally, because we have the experience to know what our customers need, we have our rooms set up properly for training sessions. That means that we have screens for presentation that are built in, plug and play, and that a microphone is never necessary because of the expertly designed rooms’ acoustics.

Toronto Meetings also offers full catering service: everything from full breakfasts and coffee to cedar-grilled salmon and steak. Get those creative juices flowing with our delicious, locally roasted coffee, and keep them flowing with an omega-3 rich lunch.

Rent training rooms from Toronto Meetings, and see the difference that experience, great staff, and an amazing atmosphere really makes.