Interconnected Meeting Technology Is The New Future

Interconnected meeting technology is the new future.

As many companies are quickly discovering, doing a Zoom call with multiple people can feel overwhelming. You have small screens, interruptions, and a number of tech issues which overall leads to a lot of wasted time.

Although it seemed like the quick and easy method of getting your team together while many of them are working from home, after 18 months of these common disturbances, companies are starting to track and put value on the lost time in their workdays.

Parlay that with the elimination of in-person conversations for nearly 2 years, and you’re on a fast track to a breakdown of communication.

So why not consider going back into the office for your meeting?

I know, I know; Covid-19. Let’s not try to ignore the elephant in the room.

It’s no secret that gathering limits and the risk of spreading the virus are forcing companies to re-think their in-person meetings.

But what if I was to tell you, there’s simple ways around it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best of both worlds?

An interconnected, in-person meeting where your employees can be in a safe place, with proper gathering limits and the full technology to able to have a productive meeting.

This RingCentral article titled 7 Essentials For Tomorrow’s Meeting Rooms, points out 7 key assets that a meeting room must have to be a cohesive and productive atmosphere. As pointed out, features such as large TV screens, video cameras, speakers and microphones, conference capabilities, power & video cables as well as white boards are all crucial to the meeting room post-COVID.


At, we can provide that experience.

Our state-of-the-art technology, including fully-integrated videoconference equipment, 80” LED TVs, multiple hookups for any device, and wall-to-wall whiteboards are what set us apart from our competition.

Let me give you a scenario.

You have a team of 20-30 people and want to get everyone together on-site for a meeting.

Or perhaps you are hosting exams in multiple rooms and want to monitor or have the ability to speak to all of the attendees at the same time.

What to do?  The answer is simple.

Get your team together at one location, separate them into COVID-friendly gathering groups, and connect each of the meeting rooms using the integrated video meeting technology.

Our meeting rooms provide this cohesive approach that allows for in-person synergy to be created, all the while connecting digitally on large TV’s with the remainder of your team, who are only a maximum of 20 feet away.

With on-site IT staff to assist, we relieve you and your team of any wasted time due to technology issues.

Inter-Connected Meeting Technology Is the New Future

This futuristic approach to meetings provides the best features of both in-person and digital meetings.

With COVID-19 protocols such as daily disinfecting, 2-meter distance between attendees, reduced room capacities, optimized HVAC, and readily available disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers, we’ve put ourselves at the forefront for the safe practice of on-site meetings.

For more information about our meeting and training rooms, as well as securing your next space, feel free to call 416-214-1840 or email

Interconnected meeting technology is the new future.

It’s time to stop wasting valuable time and integrate yourself into the future of meetings.