Catering: The Cherry On Top Of A Perfect Meeting

Catering: The Cherry On Top of a Perfect Meeting

Have you ever walked into a meeting and the first thing you did was check out the delicious lunch option and assortment of beverages?

Us too.

Catering is a great way to create a lasting impression on your employees and clients.  Providing food and drinks creates the framework for a successful, distraction-free meeting.

Science has shown that employees are more happy and productive when there is food provided during a meeting.  And who can argue with science?

We all know food brings people together.

Sharing a meal helps foster a connection between co-workers and clients, especially as we emerge from covid-19, where creating relationships has been predominantly online.  Being able to connect and add the social aspect to the meeting will bring back the life-like experience of the meeting.

No matter the size of the meeting, it’s imperative that everyone is happy with their food.

Having a customizable menu is also important as we see different food trends emerge and intolerances that are now being identified.  Creating the menu based on nutritional value and dietary options is always a great place to start.

Matching the style of the meeting, whether it be an important board meeting, or a casual collaboration day will also add to the overall experience of your attendees.  Knowing your audience, the goal of the meeting, the time allotted for lunch and many more factors will help point you in the direction of an appropriate selection.

So, why order from Toronto Meetings?  That’s easy – Our fully extensive Catering Menu provides options for all types of meetings.

Whether it be a breakfast option for a morning meeting, a lunch option to kick off an afternoon session, or our fully-inclusive Prix Fixe Menu for all day training, you’ll be sure to find a great selection for your event.

Our attention to detail, wide variety of selections and step by step assistance makes securing the catering for your next meeting a seamless process.

Ordering your catering with Toronto Meetings also eliminates your need to place the order, ensure it gets delivered on time, make certain it’s correct and consolidates everything into one easy payment.

Catering your next meeting is essential, so why not do it right.

For more information about our catering services, please visit our website, call 416-214-1840 or email