Coworking downtown in Toronto

Coworking Downtown in Toronto

As coworking and shared office spaces become more and more popular, Downtown Toronto has become a hub for those seeking this work environment. There are several factors to consider when choosing to have your coworking office in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in Canada/U.S.

With Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles being the top three largest cities in North America, Toronto is often overlooked. Second only to Silicon Valley, Ontario is one of North America’s centres for information and communications technology. With this in mind, Toronto plays host to several of the big startups in the field of technology.

Large international Companies are interested in Toronto

Forbes ranked Canada ‘Best for business’ among G20 countries, and Toronto itself is one of the best ‘future-ready’ cities – which means it is a great place for innovative businesses and start-ups. Sidewalk Labs recently announced its joint venture with Waterfront Toronto to create a mixed-use community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Amazon has also recently expressed interest in creating it’s HQ2 here in Toronto. If being on the Fortune 500 list is one of your goals, Toronto plays host to several on their lists such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

Multicultural City

Toronto is a vibrant hub for expats, making it a vast multi-cultured city. This community that it creates affords Toronto with the ability to host several different business types, in a variety of fields, who have access to a global customer base.
Hollywood of the North
Toronto as a city is actually known as the Northern Hollywood with so many movies and shows being filmed here. Several Blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are shot in this city. Having a coworking desk in Downtown Toronto means that on your way to work, you may walk past the set of a movie or TV show being filmed.

Hiring Opportunities

With many top schools in Toronto, having a coworking desk in the downtown core would mean that you have access to some of the top graduates from the city.

‘Location, Location, Location’ is always key when choosing where your office will be. A Coworking Desk in Downtown Toronto affords you these perks and many more!

That’s why at Toronto Meetings, we don’t just provide the best spaces for meetings, but we also have Coworking desks available any time you need them! So join us today!

Downtown Toronto City Hall

Ever had a Meeting in Downtown Toronto?

There are many important factors to consider when deciding the location for your next meeting. How accessible is it for everyone involved? What does the surrounding area look like? How well-known is the location? All are very important to consider, especially if you’re meeting with an important client. And that is precisely why Downtown Toronto is a great fit.

Accessible via Go Train, TTC, or even by driving, there are endless ways to get to the area. And accessibility is just the first part.

If someone in your meeting is coming from out-of-town, you’ll definitely want to take them to a few attractions, all easily accessible by transit, or on a good day, even walking there; Places like the St. Lawrence Market, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Ripley’s AquariumThe Hockey Hall of Fame, The Air Canada Centre (which is about 2 minutes away from us on foot!), The Toronto Waterfront, The CN Tower,  and many more.

You’ll also have the distinction of holding your meeting in one of the largest business cities in the world. With that incredible pedigree just going in, no wonder Downtown Toronto is one of the best places to hold your meetings.

And that’s why we chose Downtown Toronto to build our Toronto Meetings centre.  With an internationally recognized Bay Street Address,  your clients and meeting attendees will know that you are serious about your business, and theirs. And being located in Toronto’s growing South Core, you’ll be steps away from transit, and easily within walking distance of all the amazing attractions Downtown Toronto has to offer.

So take a look at our available Meeting Rooms, pick the the size you need, and don’t forget to get catering!


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