Travelling Salesman at Airport

The Life & Times of the Travelling Salesman

For those of you who have made a living travelling from city to city, country to country, or continent to continent to put food on your family’s table, we respect you.

It’s not easy living out of a suitcase and eating hotel breakfasts for days and even weeks on end.

Sure, it may seem fun to others who only see the glitzy part of the travelling. After all, visiting different parts of the world, staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants all on the company dollar, is most people’s dream situation.

I’m here to bring attention to these individuals who put in the added effort for the greater good of the company and their families.

As the University of Texas – Dallas pointed out; there is a clear set of pros and cons in travelling for work.

Pro’s such as creating closer relationships with your coworkers and clients, visiting different cities of the world, and of course, the free food, all seem to be the perks that keep these employees going day after day.

However, the cons such as visiting cities that aren’t so beautiful, constantly trying to stay healthy (by avoiding getting sick), and losing the thrill of travelling on their personal time, seem to be the roadblocks that can become the deciding factor whether they continue with the go-go-go lifestyle.

I think one con that wasn’t touched on in this article is the lack of a stable workspace. It’s common for white-collar workers to thrive off of structured work schedules and environments. A place to call home while on the road can certainly benefit in boosting a travelling employee’s morale and production.

At Toronto Meetings, we have just the solution.

Our flexible Coworking provides the perfect amenities for any travelling employee to call home. A dedicated desk, internet connection, phone, and access to meeting rooms, will provide the structured environment they so dearly require.

For more information about our Coworking services, please contact our sales team at (416) 214 1840 or visit our website.