classrooms can be virtual

Classrooms… But Make them Virtual

Over the past couple of weeks, self-isolation and social distancing have become the standard for people around the world. Contrary to initial thoughts, this practice is looking more like the ‘new-norm’ rather than a momentary solution. It’s important that we all take the advice of our leaders and follow instructions to protect those around us from sickness.

It’s especially important that businesses who are able to encourage their employees to work from home moving forward. With a multitude of different platforms to choose from, employees can connect to each other seamlessly from devices that they may have. At Toronto Meetings, we organize and conduct videoconferences for various clients on a daily basis, as well as for our own staff while we work from home.

While many business meetings can transition to phone calls, or simple gatherings via face time, it’s important to remember how much information is conveyed via body language, and facial expressions, that not having it available is like losing one of your senses.

That’s where we come in…

Over the last few weeks we’ve helped a handful of our clients’ set-up and run ‘Virtual Classrooms’ through the training rooms in our centre, allowing attendants to log into their session remotely. There is no need for business to shut-down completely while we’re all staying home, now is the time to adapt to current situations and react responsibly.

In our rooms, you have access to two 80-inch LCD television screens at the front of the room, and two at the rear. Your instructor can project from a variety of different sources directly to the classroom, shifting easily between powerpoint, doc-cam, or many other mediums.

Do you use GoToMeeting, Skype, Webex or Zoom? Not to worry, our new Polycom Studio Video Bars support all major platforms. Your instructor is the only person that actually needs to be present! We’re more than happy to look after everything on our end, as we usually do, so you just have to show up ready to present!

So if you’re ready to continue your classes virtually with no interruptions, check out our available rooms here, and book today!