Training Room

The Training Room Difference

Despite being largely made of the same space, there is a distinct difference between a meeting room, and a training room.

A meeting room can be fully equipped with all the tech necessary to run your meeting, (and our rooms here at Toronto Meetings certainly do) but to meet with your staff, you need the space, the seating and the table. Those are the essential ingredients.

For a training room, however, not only does that tech have to be there, but it also has to be state-of-the-art. Most commonly a training session will occur in a larger room, with several attendees. It may be difficult to broadcast your voice all the way to the end of the room, or they may have to see something on a larger screen that they are unable to on their smaller laptop, or mobile screens.

Additionally, being in a training room is more of an experience, rather than a service. A meeting may last only a few hours, but a training session can run all day, maybe even multiple days. The room has to be prepared for that. Your attendees have to be able to start the session and end it, potentially several days later, in comfort. Uncomfortable spaces will lead to poor knowledge retention. Definitely not the result you’re looking for.

When choosing a room for your next training session, make sure to pick a space that can accommodate all the attendees. You’ll also want to pick a layout that fits the room, and allows everyone a clear and unobstructed view of the head of the session. As well as of any screens and other visual aids used.

All of these details make for the training room “difference”. Not every gathering is the same, nor should it be treated the same. Which is why here at Toronto Meetings, we are flexible enough to provide rooms that match your needs.

So take a look at our available rooms, and book your training room today!